Sunday, March 27, 2016

March/April Contreras Prayer Letter

It is Resurrection Sunday as I sit down to write this prayer letter.  We had beautiful worship services exalting the Lord Jesus Christ this morning in both the Spanish and English services of our home church Starkey Rd Baptist.  And in a few moments we will be leaving for the evening service in which 13 people will follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.  Praise our risen Savior who faithfully continues to save souls and change lives for eternity. 

Spanish Ministry
Each Sunday morning we continue to lead worship in the Spanish church service.  Joseph’s guitar student, Daniel, and our son, Andrew, are accompanying the congregational singing as well.  We are thankful to be mentoring young leaders who can serve in the Lord’s work in this way in the future. 

Joseph will be preaching twice in April for the morning Spanish church service.  Please pray the Holy Spirit will guide him in the preparation and preaching, as well as work in the hearts of those who will be present to be drawn to closer fellowship with God.  And pray for the pastoral staff of the Spanish church, Miguel Quintana, missionary church planter; Juan Cornell, who grew up on the mission field; and Joseph, also a missionary church planter.  Pray that God would give us wisdom to follow Christ, the Head of the church.

In the Community
Joseph has been witnessing to an older man, Lee.  He is of a Catholic background, but goes around attending a variety of services, including Jehovah’s Witness, and Seventh Day Adventists.  He asks Joseph many questions and Joseph has had the opportunity to explain to him clearly the basic, unchangeable principles of the Gospel and the Christian faith according to the Bible.  Pray this man will come to a saving knowledge and faith in Christ.

The other young person mentioned in previous letters, to whom Joseph teaches guitar, has been open to discuss some social topics.  He has expressed desire to visit our church and the different youth activities throughout the week.  Pray for his and his family’s salvation.

Shipping Needs

We thank the Lord for providing funds for our shipping needs to get our personal belongings sent to us from Spain.  We have received $700 thus far and will need at least $1500, possibly as much as $2000, by some quotes, for complete door to door shipping.  We have greatly reduced the amount needed to be shipped and it fits on one pallet.  Again, we thank missionary James Grant living in Asturias, Spain, for getting our things ready for shipment.  Thank you so much to all of you who have given, and please pray with us that God will provide the rest needed.  It would be great if all of it could be shipped by this Spring.

Thank you ~

The Contreras Family -
Joseph, Danielle, Isaiah, Andrew, and Michael

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