Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Next Phase

Contreras School 2009 - 5th grade and 3rd grade
Even though, we gave away almost all the boys' homeschool materials to missionaries, there were still many books, photo albums, clothes and personal items that we stored away in a storage unit when we packed up our apartment. Danielle is still teaching phonics, and doing reading help at school, and Joseph is preaching and teaching as well, so there is not a day that goes by that we don't pray to get our study materials, and books. 

Fellow missionaries, the Grants, living in Asturias, have been so gracious to help disperse our furniture and electronics to others in need. Now comes the difficult task of separating and deciding what is personal and what we don't actually need anymore. 

We have found two companies who will ship based on volume, shipping door to door. We need to measure the volume and then get an exact quote. We received one quote for ten boxes at $1,600, but it looks like we still have more than 10 boxes.

 Of course, our treasure is stored up in Heaven and not here on Earth. These are just things, however, it is hard to not be concerned we won't ever see our precious memories again. 

Please pray for this next phase of our ministry. 

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