Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is there anything more?

To go to the ends of the Earth...this was the call we answered 15 years ago when we went to Spain in February of 2000, . We knew that Spain would be our home for the rest of our lives. After all, it has been called the "the graveyard for missionaries". The adventure and the fields white for the harvest were before us! We were finally fulfilling the great commission. There wasn't anything more on the list.

We still have a great burden for Spain, but this past year God closed the door for us to return to our home of 14 years. It has become clear through many different circumstances and time, that there is definitely something more ahead for us. We thought that we would settle in, get jobs and serve in our local church, but that isn't the only something "more" God had in store.

God has continued to show us glimpses of that "more" for our lives. Gradually, through the healing of reverse culture shock and all the transition, we have become more burdened for our home country! We have seen how secularism and materialism is just as prevalent here in our so called Christian nation as it was in Spain. Oh how it saddened us to find areas in our home states without gospel preaching churches!

It is our desire to continue planting churches and working with the Spanish speaking communities. Using our vision of Be Strong Evangelism Ministries, we will continue to help reach people for Christ through teaching English, sports, music and Bible studies.

As we begin the application process with Baptist Church Planters mission board, whose main goal is planting churches across America, we continue to serve in our home church, Starkey Road Baptist Church playing music, teaching, and preaching wherever needed in the Spanish ministry as well as in the youth group and young adults group. There is more ministry ahead!

There is "more" for you as well! Maybe God is calling you to pack up your house and move to the ends of the Earth, or  maybe, you too can help start and grow churches across America. Maybe He is calling you to stay and give your "more" to help those who are in need.

We need your "MORE". We still have all of our things in storage, as well as other ministry expenses there in Spain. Our needs keep growing here in the USA, with our boy's braces, schooling and everyday living.  We are finding it impossible to send funds over to Spain.  In order for us to move on, we must ship all of our belongings home and close all of our accounts. We pray to use a door to door shipping company.

Would you pray about giving toward bringing our family's belongings home?

This is a link to give online HERE (tax deductable through our clearinghouse)

or by Paypal (directly)

Remember, whether to the ends of the Earth, or here at home, there is always "MORE" to missions!

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