Friday, November 15, 2013

Good-bye Mr. Sanchis

Yes, it has come time to part with an old friend. He has been part of our family since our family began. In fact, he was my husband's first love. (just kidding, a little musicians joke)  Really, though, this incredibly beautiful hand-crafted Ricardo Sanchis Spanish Guitar, accompanied us in all of our journeys, has been part of our ministry, and has served us well.  

 We have prayed about ways to raise the funds for our ministry building. We still owe on permits, the floor still needs to be insulated, and the face of the building totally reformed. Even though, we are able to do classes, sports ministry and hold our church services, we still must finish the renovations. 

As we wait, God has shown us His many blessings, assuring us that His hand is in Be Strong Evangelism Ministries. From providing the exact amount we needed for the trimester tax, and the rent through our English classes, to providing the 40€ we lacked to support an orphan at the Bethesda Home in Côte d' Ivoire. By faith our little church supports one orphan each year. It is a blessing to see how the faithful few can give sacrificially. 

Now, back to Mr. Sanchis. 

We regret that there is no longer need for his services. We have been using other guitars that are doing the job very nicely for our church services. Joseph was able to do a small home recording back in 2008 with his Sanchis guitar, so we do have a beautiful memory. However, time and money make selling this priceless guitar inevitable. 

Please realize that this is not just any ordinary guitar. It is for the serious guitarist, who would use it for classical solos. Also, dedicated for God's service, it is an amazing addition to any choral piece or solo arrangements in churches. 

Do you know of anyone or any church who could invest in an instrument such as this or help support Be Strong Evangelism Ministries? We know God will provide through His people. 

So, on this note... (pun intended) we now part with our dear Mr. Sanchis. 

You may check out the specifics here at

or contact us at 714-782-7976.

Serving the King of Kings,


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