Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Invitations and Visitors

Iglesia Bautista LIBERTADA number of church folks have moved or have changed churches.  Adina and her friend César (who I had been discipling) have moved to Oviedo as well for employment purposes, but we pray that they will continue coming and growing. 

At the same time we have unsaved visitors coming.  Three of our football players have come to church, Miguel, Joni, and Jorge.  Jorge comes every Sundays and Wednesdays now.  He has also come with his brother, Joao, and their father wants to come as well.  Julia, one of Danielle´s fitness students, has visited again also. 

While getting people in to church is not our ultimate goal, these are important steps.  We witness to these folks throughout the week, praying they´ll get saved.  When they are saved, we trust they will easily incorporate themselves in to serving in a local church.

The church has just printed new invitations for distribution.  Pray people will come to hear the Gospel.

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