Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Strong In the Febuary Cold

BE STRONG evangelism.  As Danielle gives English classes, she shares hope in Christ to many unsaved unmarried couples, and single college and career age Spanish people.  Pray especially for Noé and Nuria, Aingeru and Naiara, Chema and Ainara, Alba, Julia, and the Friday English workshop group.

Friday  English workshop- We get to share our faith in many different topics. 

On March 23, we will show the movie “Facing the Giants.”  We showed it in 2007 to the Mariners tackle football team.  This time we hope to have our new Raptors football team and their parents and friends present.  We also trust young people who have been involved with fitness and weightlifting classes will come.

Please be in prayer for an evangelistic event we would like to host in April.  The Lord has brought  people in our lives who have strong New Age beliefs.  We have been able to open Scripture to them and show them man´s sinfulness, and point them to Christ and true spiritual life through faith in Him.  We want to invite them to an event in which a doctor, who was a member of an independent Baptist church in Salamanca but has been in our church for two years, can explain God´s handiwork in DNA, biology, and physics.

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