Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Than Words

Ruta del Alba, Asturias, Spain
A pooof thoughts held 
and ready to pour out
as a waterfal
flowing stronger 
than before.

But words are lost, 
stolen by originality
a time so dear 
expressed only in eternity.

Wandering minds 
brought closer today.
cherished moments
are loved 
more than words can say. 

(dedicated to the new missionaries in Spain who will be carrying on the good fight. )

Tell It!

Tender quiet heart
with passion for the King,
Windows of souls
to Him you bring. 

Filled broken vessels
burdens to share, 
White caped waves 
have not a care. 

Throne of grace
pardon so dear,
Fierce whispering winds
tell it, no fear! 

(both poems written by Danielle Contreras,1995)

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