Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Special Finacial Needs

We have received so many encouraging notes in response to our last April 2014 update. With this upcoming furlough, we are excited to see how God will work and provide both for our family and for the work in Gijón, Spain.

There is a need that we need to mention. In March of 2013, we wrote in our prayer letter that our second son, Andrew, needed to begin urgent orthodontal work to not lose his two front teeth.
It would cost approximately 3000€ ($4100) after our dental insurance coverage, and that would include an implant.

 We asked for special financial help for this cost and we are so thankful that your response was immediate. Andrew got his braces on in April, and by May of 2013 we were able to pay $2100 and get ahead in payments. In the past year on average Andrew has made two visits to the orthodontist per month. At the present we need to pay 400€ ($552) to get caught up again, (they just informed us) and the orthodontist will most likely put Andrew´s implant in next month before we leave for furlough.

In order to avoid another monthly payment, we are praying to pay it all off before we leave - $1600. 

 Would you please pray and consider giving another special gift toward´s Andrew´s orthodontist bill? We are happy to know that he is scheduled to be finished with his braces earlier than expected, possibly in two years instead of three. Then we need to start with Michael. 

To give for Andrew´s braces and/or our travel needs while we are in the US, please follow this link:

There are two opptions: our personal pay pal if you don´t need it tax deductable or through our mission CMC which gives a tax deductable receipt. Please specify if it is for Andrew´s braces or for travel needs. Again, this furlough is so important so that we can get back up to 100% support and be able to budget for our boys future dental and school needs.

"Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." Philippians 4:17

Thank you again for praying for us and supporting us financially to preach the Gospel to the lost in Gijón, Spain.

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!!
Joseph Contreras and family
Gijón, Spain

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