Saturday, March 15, 2014


Chocolate Valor! (with a Spanish accent)

One of the many products known to Spain, is it´s chocolate. Maybe you only know of Belgium chocolate, but I tell you that Valor chocolate is just as good, if not better. 

I will miss it! 

Especially the Cacao Puro and the sugar free line. It is cheaper than any of the sugar free chocolates in the States and much more available. 

Many of you may not know yet, but we are taking an extended leave from Gijón, Spain. We missionaries call it a furlough. We are already starting the packing process. Sigh.... 

This will be our fourth furlough and it will be much different. It will be the first time we are packing up house. We are storing everything. I will be without our homey things for who knows how long, (we are praying to be back in a year) and this has me starting to look at things differently. 

You see we have lived in this apartment overseas for 9 years. We have put down roots. My babies grew up here. We have adapted and love Spain. 

Don´t get me wrong, we are all super excited to go back to the good ol´USA! I get to see my mom and dad right away at the JFK airport! (They´re coming all the way up from FL!) And the boys are excited to possibly play high school football! 

I thought I would start a series on the things I will miss from Spain. It may just cause some of you all to want to come back with us! ;) Well, that wasn´t what triggered the idea really, though.

In all honesty, I was cleaning today, and a whole can of Chocolate Valor fell on the kitchen floor. I stood there staring at the black mounds of dust. I just couldn´t believe that happened. Almost a whole can of pure chocolate "gold" powder wasted! That´s when it hit me to let you all know of this wonderful product and many other incredible things here in Spain that I will miss. (I think I will pack a can to bring for my mom)

You can also check out their new line "Taste of Spain" HERE

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