Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Update

2014.  The New Year has started off slow but very restful.  Since Danielle was scheduled to have a minor leg surgery during the holidays, we did not schedule many activities or outings.  The operation was flawless and her recuperation has actually been faster than expected, though still too slow for Danielle!  We are thankful for your prayers for her during that time.   click HERE to print a pdf copy of our January update.

Our Sunday church services are more like small group Bible studies again now.  Many evangelicals from charismatic backgrounds who have been attending our services have left.  Some have returned to their home country, others  have left to join one of the various charismatic and Pentecostal churches in town.  Those who remain with us for Bible studies and prayer meetings seem to enjoy the more interactive studies.  You have been praying for MariVi´s salvation.  She has professed her faith in Christ on numerous occasions and continues to have Bible studies, showing fruit of the Holy Spirit working in her heart.  Currently on Sunday mornings Joseph is teaching expositionally through the book of 1 Thessalonians, and on Wednesdays, themes of the Old Testament books.

Outreach.  During the week, we continue to reach out to young people.  Joseph has been training the Gijón Mariners junior tackle football team (ages 15-17) in the gym and finding opportunities to challenge them individually about their need for Christ.   

Along with sharing Christ with her English students, Danielle witnesses often to girls who work out with her, Carmen, Laura, and Caro.  Pray the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of these young people.

USA.  We have purchased tickets to return to the States for furlough in May of this year.  This furlough is the most important we will have had in order to continue preaching God´s Word in spiritually dead Spain.  The last three months we have received only 60% support and more than ever we need co-workers (in most of our years here in Spain we have always had co-workers).  Please pray these obstacles can be overcome and that churches will be committed to continue sending God´s Word preached to Gijón, SPAIN. 

Our last furlough, one of our supporting churches in Florida had a car donated to the church and they lent it to us while we were in the States.  We are asking all of our supporting churches, especially those in Florida and New York, that if you have a van or mini-van donated to the church or not being used, could you please consider lending it to us while we are on furlough?  Thanks.  Please pray God will provide this need!

Your voice in Spain for Christ,
The Contreras Family – Joseph, Danielle, Isaiah, Andrew, and Michael
Centro Be Strong - Iglesia Bautista Libertad de Gijón

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