Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Strengths

Joseph giving the Gospel at the conclusion of our “Be Strong” event.

Evangelism - On June 23rd, we had a “Be Strong” evangelistic event in which Kathie, a doctor and member of our church shared God´s handiwork evidenced in recent investigations in nature and DNA.  We had 4 unsaved people visit for the very first time.  We pray they will be saved.

Missions - Iglesia Bautista Libertad (Liberty Baptist Church) of Gijón has been giving to 4 missionary works:  the Norbey family in Valladolid, Spain, the Moyano family in Uruguay, the Orphanage in Ivory Coast, and the Andrzejewski family in Portugal.  But pray that attendance in our services will be more consistent.

Football - Danielle has gotten in to the flag football action. 

Playing QB, she and 5 friends agreed to what was meant to be a one-time scrimmage.  She ended up leading her team, “Madgirls,” to a 44-0 victory.  She has since played two more games, losing one 7-24, and winning the other 45-0.  

The Raptors won their first full contact scrimmage away at Galicia, 19-12.  Pray as we continue to share our faith in Christ to these unsaved friends.

Braces - To date we have paid a
 total of $2060.05 in orthodontist
bills.  Thank you for your extra
giving for Andrew´s need.
 We are ahead in payments,
but Andrew is expected to have them for three
years.  Pray the Lord will continue to provide. 

Thank you for praying and for supporting our ministry!

“But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the the furthurance of the Gospel.” Philippians 1:12.

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