Monday, February 11, 2013

January 2013

The Contreras Family in Gijón, SPAIN

Thank you to all of you for continually praying for us and supporting the work God has called us to do in Gijón, SPAIN.  This February 3rd we will be celebrating 13 years as full-time missionaries in Northern Spain.  God never ceases to amaze us, giving us yet another year to battle for souls in this country so hurt by man´s religion and philosophies.  Keep praying for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives (1 Thess. 1:5)!

A slow start to 2013.  We started the New Year with a drop in church attendance with one family moving to Madrid in late December, Carlos starting a job in Galicia on January 2nd with his wife eventually moving there too, Alejandro finding a church to attend closer to where he lives, and many others battling the flu.  The church (Iglesia Bautista Libertad de Gijón) is printing new postcard invitations for distribution.  Pray we can reach new people and families. 

Be Strong weight training participants, Raptors football players, and English students are down in number as well.  However, we did start a new English student, an ex-Mariner and fellow football coach!  He is one of the best linebackers in Spain, played with Joseph on the Gijón Mariners football team from 2005-2008.  He has shown much interest in our conversations about the Gospel, Baptist history and Bible principles, the End Times, and the cults.  Pray he will come to know Christ as Savior.
Danielle has some new unsaved young ladies in her fitness class.  She is witnessing to Caro, who, like many people we meet, doesn´t believe in God, but in “energy.”  Pray for her and her family´s salvation.

Our greatest goal for 2013.  One of our main goals and prayer requests for this year is to get full-time co-workers to share the work with us here in Gijón.  We are so pleased with how the work has been the last two years, but we really need help.  For the majority of our years as missionaries in Spain, we´ve worked with co-workers.  Pray especially that God would call a family for church planting, and also who has a heart for evangelism through sports, since God has led our work to develop in this way. 

Family prayer requests.  God has blessed us with three young men, Isaiah, Andrew, and Michael, who love serving the Lord.  We continue homeschooling them, and they are friends with all the kids in the neighborhood.  Girls like them too.  Pray for us as we raise teenage boys.  The challenges have changed, but we just keep teaching them to be pure, godly friends, and to point their friends to Christ.  We pray to instill biblical principles in their hearts during these years as one day they will marry and start a home.  Our family prayer request is that we can have a couple of furloughs during their high school years in which we can be in the States, even as soon as 2014.

May God continue to bless and prosper you as you serve Him.  Thank you for your commitment to Christ´s Great Commission in Gijón, SPAIN!

The Contreras Family
Joseph, Danielle, Isaiah, Andrew, and Michael

Support address:  Central Missionary Clearinghouse
                                  PO Box 219228, Houston, TX 77218

Field address:  Calle Feijoó 52, 4-C,
                            33204 Gijón,

Sending church:  Sun Valley Baptist Church
                                9901 McCombs, El Paso, TX 79924

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